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48 câu trắc nghiệm thì hiện tại đơn có đáp án

Quà Yêu Thương xin giới thiệu đến các em tài liệu 48 câu trắc nghiệm thì hiện tại đơn có đáp án nhằm giúp các em luyện tập và chuẩn bị tốt cho kì thi sắp tới. Hi vọng rằng đây sẽ là tài liệu bổ ích cho các em, chúc các em đạt thành tích cao trong học tập.


Ex 1: Choose the best answer.

1) It ………… a lot in Britain.

a. rain                         

b. rains

c. is rain          

2) I …….. pizza very much.

a. like                          

b. likes            

c. is like          

3) I …………. English very well.

a. no speak                 

b. not speak                

c. don’t speak

4) My sister …………. to the cinema very often.

a. don’t go                  

b. doesn’t go                           

c. goes not

5) They always …………. TV in the evening.

a. are watch                

b. watches                              

c. watch

6) I ………….. married.

a. ‘m not                     

b. don’t                       

c. isn’t

7) English people …………. animals.

a. likes                        

b. like      like

8) The banks …………. on Sundays.

a. doesn’t open

b. don’t open open

d. do open

9) My sister ……….. in London.

a. lives                                    

b. live 

c. is live                                              

10) Your brother ………….. tennis very well.

a. play                         

b. is play                                 

c. plays

11) They ……………….. the answer.

a. don’t know             

b. doesn’t know                      

c. aren’t know

12) I …………… understand.

a. no                           

b. not                                      

c. don’t

13. I _______ know the correct answer.

a. am not                    

b. not                          

c. don`t                       

d. doesn`t

14. They _______ agree with my opinion.

a. are                           

b. don’t           

c. aren’t                       

d. do

15. Kathy usually __________ in front of the window during the class.

a. sits                          

b. sitting                     

c. sit                            

d. is sit

16. What does this word ________?

a. means                     

b. meaning                  

c. mean                       

d. is mean

Ex2: Choose the right answer  

1. He ______ do anything to help me.

a. don’t do                  

b. isn’t                         

c. not                          

d. doesn’t

2. I come from Canada. Where ______ you come from?

a. are                           

b. do                           

c. is                             

d. not

3. Jane ____________ tea very often.

a. doesn’t drink           

b. drink                       

c. is drink                   

d. isn’t drink

4. How often __________ you play tennis?

a. do                            b. are                          

c. is                              d. have

5. Rice _______ in cold climates.

a. isn’t grow                

b. don’t grow              

c. aren’t grow             

d. doesn’t grow

6. Vegetarians __________ meat.

a. ate                            b. eat                          

c. don’t eat                   d. doesn’t eat

7. How often ______ you have English lessons?

a. are                            b. got                          

c. do                            d. is

8. We ________ our teeth after breakfast.

a. clean                       

b. are clean                 

c. cleaning                  

d. cleans

9. My father ___________ get up early at the weekends.

a. isn’t                         

b. doesn’t                    

c. don’t                       

d. aren’t

10. Our lessons ___________ at nine o’clock.

a. starts                       

b. starting                   

c. are start                  

d. start

11. The people in Brazil ___________ speak Spanish. They speak Portuguese.

a. aren’t                       

b. doesn’t                    

c. don’t                       

d. isn’t

12. He________________ a shower in the morning.

a. doesn’t have            

b. doesn’t has              

c. don’t have               

d. don’t has

13.______ the library open at half past nine?

a. Do                          

b. Are                         

c. Were                       

d. Does

14. They ___________ the bus to work at eight o’clock every day.

a. catch                       

b. are catch                 

c. catches                    

d. catching

15. Susan ____________ a lot of time surfing the net every day.

a. spend                      

b. doesn’t spend         

c. don’t spends           

d. doesn’t spends

16. They really ___________ travelling, so they ________ to go abroad as often as possible.

a. enjoys/ tries

b. enjoy/ tries             

c. enjoy/ try                

d. don’t enjoy/ try

Ex3: Choose the best answer

1. How many books __________ you read in a year?

a. are                            b. were                        c. did                           d. do

2. He is good at football but he _____ want to play now.

a. isn’t                         

b. wasn’t                     

c. doesn’t                    

d. don’t

3. He is talking for hours but I _______ understand anything.

 a. don’t                      

b. wasn’t                     

c. isn’t                         

d. am not

4. How often ______ you go to the cinema?

a. are                           

b. do                           

c. was                         

d. does

5. She ________ like playing tennis. So she _______ plays tennis.

a. doesn’t/ always       

b. doesn’t/ never         

c. isn’t/ never              

d. isn’t/ hardly ever

6. One of my friends _____ read newspaper.

a. doesn’t                    

b. does                        

c. never                       

d. isn’t

7. How many students ________ English?

a. knows                     

b. are knowing           

c. does know              

d. know

8. Kate ________ like martial arts.

a. isn’t                         

b. doesn’t                    

c. don’t                       

d. do

9. __________ your teacher know English?

a. Do                          

b. Is                            

c. Does                                   

d. Are

10. He ____________ tennis with his friends.

a. often plays              

b. often play               

c. plays often             

d. play often

11. A: Does your father watch soap operas?        B: No, he ________.

a. isn’t                         

b. does                        

c. don’t                       

d. doesn’t

12. How ________ do you wash your car?

a. usually                    

b. often                       

c. much                       

d. sometimes

13. Do your parents ___________ in the country?

a. living                      

b. lives                        

c. live                          

d. lived

14. Ross doesn’t ______ listening to music.

a. like                          

b. likes                        

c. liking                      

d. liked

15. Sarah and Jessica _____________ playing computer games.

a. doesn’t like             

b. aren’t like                

c. isn’t like                  

d. don’t like

16. She hates washing the dishes. She ________ does it.

a. always                    

b. usually                    

c. never                       

d. every time


Ex 1:  

1.b       4.b       7.b       10.c     13.c     16.c

2. a      5.c       8.b       11.a     14.b    

3. c      6. a      9.a       12.c     15.c    

Ex 2:  

1.d       4.a       7. c      10.d     13. d    16.c

2.a       5. d      8. a      11. c    14. a   

3.a       6. c      9.b       12. a    15.b

Ex 3:  

1. d      4. b      7.d       10.a     13. c    16.c

2. c      5. b      8.b       11.d     14. a   

3. a      6.a       9.c       12.b     15.d


Trên đây là toàn bộ nội dung của tài liệu 48 câu trắc nghiệm thì hiện tại đơn có đáp án, để theo dõi nhiều tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích khác vui lòng đăng nhập vào hệ thống chọn chức năng xem online hoặc tải về máy!

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