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Bài tập viết lại câu tiếng Anh 9 có lời giải

HỌC247 giới thiệu đến các em tài liệu Bài tập viết lại câu tiếng Anh lớp 9


A./ Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one :

1/ I love the book. I’m interested in it.

What a great book! It ________________________________________.

2/ Didn’t your teacher let you speak a word?

Did your teacher make _______________________________________?

3/ His questions were more difficult than I expected.

His questions weren’t ________________________________________.

4/ It would be a great idea for you to see a doctor.

I think you should ___________________________________________.

5/ We’re afraid you can’t park your car over there.

Sorry, but you ______________________________________________.

6/ Half way through the meeting there was a knock on the front door.

While _____________________________________________________.

7/ I think she’s able to study maths very well.

I think she __________________________________________________.

8/ It’s essential to keep your file in a safe place.

You _______________________________________________________.

9/ May I borrow your pencil?

Would you mind _____________________________________________.

10/ It won’t be possible for me to pay a visit to that place again.

I am afraid I  ________________________________________________.

B./ Rewrite the first sentences so that the second one means nearly the same as the first one

1/ We worked very hard for the exam. Then we passed it.

Before ____________________________________________________.

2/ First my sister considered what to say. Then she decided to talk to her headmaster.

  After _____________________________________________________.

3/ I learned my lessons. Then I went out for a walk.

Before ____________________________________________________.

4/ Her brother bought a new washing machine. First he checked the prices.

After _____________________________________________________.

5/ My mother took an aspirin. Then she felt a little better.

Before ____________________________________________________.

6/ The boys argued. Then they fought.

After _____________________________________________________.

7/ His aunt went out to the food store. Then she had an accident.

Before ____________________________________________________.

8/ We decided to go on a trip to Hue. First we had some problems.

After _____________________________________________________.

9/ The students read some materials. Then they wrote their assignments.

Before ____________________________________________________.

10/ He watched the football match. Then he wrote a report.

After _____________________________________________________.


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