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Bộ 5 đề thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6 năm 2021 Trường THCS Hà Huy Tập

Mời các em cùng tham khảo tài liệu Bộ 5 đề thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6 năm 2021 Trường THCS Hà Huy Tập do Quà Yêu Thương tổng hợp và biên soạn. Tài liệu bao gồm các dạng bài tập khác nhau, tổng hợp các kiến thức đã học. Hi vọng tài liệu này sẽ giúp các em ôn tập thật tốt cho kì thi học sinh giỏi sắp tới. Chúc các em học tập tốt!



1. Đề số 1

I. Choose the best answers:

1. When he left school, John decided to ( change to/ become/ train for/ study) a priest instead of studying languages.

2. Take this road and you will ( arrive/ come/ find/ reach) at the hotel in five minutes.

3. I hope you don’t mind me ( to telephone/ telephone/ telephoning/ telephoned) so late at night.

4. Hello. Is that 885811? Please put me ( across/ up/ over/ through) to Janet.

5. I have to leave before seven and so ( leave you/ you have/ you do/ do you)

6. He refused to give up work, ( despite/ however/ even though/ as though) he’d won a million pounds.

7. Give me a word ( begins/ began/ begin/ beginning) with S

8. A chicken can ( lie/ lay/ put/ place) up to three eggs a day.

9. The child was told to ( excuse/ apologize/ forgive/ confess) for being rude to his uncle.

10. I don’t think that the red dress ( suits/ matches/ cheers/ agrees) her.

II. Rewrite these sentences without changing their meanings.

1. It was so late that nothing could be done.

– It was too —

2. I haven’t got enough time to go to the cinema.

– If I —

3. He could not drive it. He could not sell it.

– He could neither —

4. I have never seen such a mess in my life.

– It is –

5. I can’t cook as well as my mother does.

– My mother

6. I often get up early.

– I am used —

7. “ You stole my best cassette, Amanda!” said William

– William accused –

8. John Speke failed to find the source of the River Nile.

– John Speke didn’t succeed —

III. Give the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the sentences.

1. It is the most ( FRIGHT) . . film I’ve ever seen.

2. After living with him for a month, she found his ( BEHAVE) .. .unacceptable.

3. She is very good at English. She has a/an ( IMPRESS) . . .command of the language.

4. You need a lot of ( PATIENT) . . if you really want to becoe a doctor.

5. He doesn’t look well because he’s suffered from constant (SLEEP) 

6. She is one of the grestest ( PERFORM) .. .to appear in this theatre.

7. She left him because of his ( KIND). . .to the children.

8. In the end, Tim left school with very good ( QUALIFY) . . .

9. With a view from Ngu Binh mountain, Huong river looks very ( PICTURE)

10. ( EMPLOY) . . .is very common problem in many country.

IV. Use one suitable word to fill in the blank.

            People have always dreamed of living forever, and although we all know this will ..(1). happen, we still want to live as long as possible. Naturally, there are some advantages and disadvantages to a long ….(2)…

In the first place, people…(3).. live longer can spend more time with their family and friends. Secondly, people who have busy working lives look forward to a long relaxing …(4).. , when they can do the things they have never had time for.

On the other hand, there are some serous disadvantages. Firstly, many people become ill and consequently have to …(5) .. time in hospital or become …(6).. on their children or friends. Many of … (7)… find this dependence annoying or embarrassing. In addition to this, the …(8)… people get, the fewer friends they seem to have because old friends die or become ill and it’s often ….(9).. to make new friends.

To sum up , it seems that living to a very old age is worthwhile for people who stay healthy …(10)… to remain independent and enjoy life.

V. Use the words given to make a complete letter.

1. This/ most interesting story/ I/ ever read.

2. You/ go / see / new James Bond film / last night?

3. She / go / university / next year / study English

4. We / have / stop / play / tennis/ because it / start/ rain.

5. Alice Hyde / become / first/ Miss World / eighty five years ago.

6. You / nice / help me / my homework.

7. My father / look forward/ hear about/ result / my exams.

8. What/ be  /people/ like / island?

VI. Match the first half of the sentences in A with the other in B to make complete sentences. 

                    A                                                         B

1. Tom said that . . .                                a. . . closed door without a key

2. Do any of you know the answer        b. . . but later he became a famous football player

3. At first Peter was a weak boy            c. . . staying in England the following year

4. That he is dead                                   d. . . half of which he gave to his close friends

5. China is . . .                                        e. . . . is clear

6. we found it difficult to get through. . f. . . much larger than the United Kingdom

7. she said that she was . . .                    g. . . he couldn’t do it the following week

8. Jack won $ 100.000, . . .                     h. . . which my father works.

9. Here is the factory in . . .                    i. . . .because it is important

10. We learn English . .                         J. . . to that tricky question.

VII.Write a short paragraph ( about 100 words ) about one school subject that you like to study best and explain why you like that subject.


I. Choose the best answer:( 1.5p)

1. become                    2. arrive                       3. telephoning             4. through

5. do you                     6. even though             7. beginning                8. lay

9. apologise                 10. suits

II. Rewrite these sentences without changing their meaning: ( 1.5p)

1. It was too late to do something

2. If I had enough time, I would go to the cinema.

3. He could neither drive nor sell it 

4. It is the first time I have ever seen such a mess in my life

5. My mother cooks better than I do

6. I am used to getting up early.

7. William accused Amanda of stealing his best cassette.

8. John Speke didn’t succeed in finding the source of the River Nile.

III. Give the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the sentences.(1.5)

1. frightening              2. behaviour                            3. impressive

4. patience                   5. sleeplessness                        6. performers

7. unkindness              8. qualification                        9. picturesque              10. unemployment

IV. Use one suitable word to fill in the blank. (1.5p)

1. never                       2. life                           3. who                         4. rest

5. spend                       6. depend                    7. people                      8. older

9. difficult                   10. and

V. Use the words given to make a complete letter.(1.5p)

1. This is the most interesting story I have ever read

2. Did you go and see the new James Bond film last night?

3. She is going to university next year to study English

4. We had to stop playing tennis because it started to rain.

5. Alice Hyde became the first Miss World eighty five years ago

6. It was nice of you to help me with my homework/ you are nice to help me with 

7. My father is looking forward to hearing about the result of my exams.

8. What are the people like on the island?

VI. Match the first half of the sentences in A with the other in B to make complete sentences. ( 1,5p)

1. g      2. j       3. b      4.  e     5. f       6. a      7. c      8. d      9. h      10. i

2. Đề số 2


Choose the word with the different pronunciation of the underlined part. (1m)

1. A. laughed              B. weighed                  C. watched                  D. washed

2. A. houses                B. places                      C. boxes                      D. leaves 

3. A. folk                     B. flow                        C. row                         D. now

4. A. chopstick            B. chemical                 C. chat                         D. charity

5. A. her                      B. who                        C. hour                        D. home


I/ Circle the best answer among A,B,C,D of the following sentences. (1,8ms)

6. Please turn the radio _______________. It’s too loud.

A. on               B. off                          C. up                           D. down

7. I’m really _____________ going to my friend’s party on Saturday. I haven’t been out for ages.

A. enjoy          B. expecting                C. looking for             D. looking forward to

8. My mother often gives me advice _______________ water.

A. to save        B. how to save            C. on how to save       D. about how to save

9. She’s always ______________ so to me.

A. says            B. say                          C. to say                      D. saying

10. Don’t wait for me. I ____________ late. It depends on the traffic.

A. will be        B. might be                 C. must be                   D. can be

11. This part of the river is safe enough _____________________________________ .

A. for the children to swim in.                        B. for the children to swim in it.

C. to the children swim in it.                          D. to the children swim in.

12. The book _____________ the school library is very interesting.

A. borrowed in            B. borrowed from       C. borrows from          D. borrows at

13. She isn’t wearing her coat ________________ it is very cold now.

A. because                   B. so                            C. although                 D. however

14. Tom: How about going out for dinner tonight?

      Mary: ___________________________.

A. Oh, thank you        B. Yes, please      

C. I’m afraid not         D. No, I don’t want to

II/ Use the verbs in the brackets in their proper tenses (1,4ms)

a/  The children (15. make) __________________ a lot of noise now. I (16. be) _____________ afraid they 

(17. wake up) ____________________ my father, who (18. sleep) _____________ in the next room.

b/ A: Where is Hoa?

    B: I (19. not see) _____________________ her today.

c/ Tom: Where were you at 8 o’clock last night?

    Mary: I (20. dance) ___________________ at my friend’s party.

d/ A: ______________ the newspaper (21. come) _______________________?

     B: Yes, Tom is reading it.



1B                   2D                   3D                   4B                   5B



6B                   7D                   8C                   9D                   10B

11A                 12B                 13C                 14D                


15. is making               16. am                                     17. will wake up

18. is sleeping             19. haven’t seen                      20. was dancing

21. has ……. come


22. communication      23. daily                                  24. addition

25. advertisements                              26. entertainment       



27. by              28. as               29. number                  30. are             31. enjoy / like

32. lanterns / ones                   33. according              34. rises / shines / appears


35. They are acid rain, car exhaust fumes and oil spills.

36. Because factory chimneys give out smoke that contains sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. These gases  combine with water vapour in the atmosphere to form sulphuric acid and nitric acid. When it rains, these acids dissolve in the rain and make it acidic.

37. They are carbon monoxide and lead.

38. Acid rain

39. Big cities have to ban car from the city center to wipe out smoke and limit the emission of poisonous gases. 



40. Lan suggested buying flowers for the teachers on the Teachers’ Day.

41. He told Hoa not to wait for him if he was late.

42. Sally was given a bicycle for her birthday by her parents.

43. If he did some exercise, he wouldn’t be so weak / he would be stronger.

44. Mrs. White showed me a photo of her son, who is a policeman.


45. I am very happy to receive / I was very happy when I received the parcel (which) you sent me.

46. What a good idea to send a selection of different kinds of food from / of your country.

47. I enjoyed eating them / it very much and so did my family.

48. As you said / as you say / you said / you say in your letter, you’d like me to send you a parcel of English food.

49. I’ve just posted one to you.

50. In the parcel, there’s some information on / about preparing and eating the food / how to prepare and eat the food.

3. Đề số 3

Question 1: Supply the correct form of verbs in parentheses

1. By the end of this week my illness (cost) me $ 100

2. I(be) not able to join them in the bicycle ride into the country. I (lend) John my bike the day before.

3.Coming up to the desk he(take) the key that (leave) there by the doorman and (start) up the stairs to his room. Inside he (find) that the letters (be) not where he (leave) them. His room (break) in while he was out.

4.Writing many letters (make) her happy.

5.He (work) on the report when you (arrive) this afternoon

6. I know, but I can’t help ( have) a cup of tea afer dinner. It is one of my greatest pleasures since I quit (smoke).

Question 2: use the correct form of these words in brackets

1. May I borrow your……………………?                                                            (calculate)

2. Not long ago, I was introduced  to a famous ………………..             (art)

3. The………….of his wife was a great blow to him.                            ( lose)

4. She has been worn down by ………………..and illness.                                 (poor)

5. The plane arrived ………….after a violent storm.                             ( safe)

6. Many people find it ……………….to advertise.                                             (waste)

7. Our pupils are raising money for the……………                                           (poor)

8. ……….hunters are killing many elephants for their ivory.               (legal)

9. It was the actor’s finest …………………….                                         (perform)

10. He’s the ……………of this machine.                                                            ( invent)

Question 3:   Fill in each numbered blank with a suitable word 

            Many people nowadays have to …….1……false teeth when they are middle-aged. Since the beginning of this century, ……2…. decay has greatly increased. The amount of sugar …….3……our food has also increased. Doctors and dentists now know that ….4……. is the main …..5….. of tooth ….6……  Eskimos’ teeth, for example, started to decay …….7.. they began to eat sweeter food.

            Long ago doctors did not like to treat people’s teeth. Hairdressers and blacksmiths looked …8…..  people’s teeth and pulled them  ……9… when they decayed. Some people thought toothache was a punishment ….10……. the gods.


Question 1:

1. will have cost

2. was – had lent

3. took – had been left – started – found – weren’t – had left   – had been broken

4. makes

5. will be working – arrive

6. having – smoking

Question 2:

1. calculator                 2. artist                        3. loss                          4. poverty                    5. safely

6. wasteful                  7. poor             8. illegal                       9. performance            10. inventor.

Question 3:

1. wear            2. tooth                        3. in                 4. sugar                        5. cause

6. decay           7. when                       8. after             9. out                           10. from

Question 4:


1. aren’t                       2. didn’t             3. did they         4. will you         5. shall we 6. did they.


1. As a rule, he gets up at eight o’clock.

2. He is ready for breakfast in ten minutes.

3. London stands on the Thames which devides it into two equal parts.

4. There must be something wrong with our phone.

Question 5:


1. a little          2. most 3. a few           4. no                5. none 6. a lot 7. few

8. many           9. all                            10. much


1. Lan has such a nice voice that everybody likes it.

2. Although our plans were careful, a lot of thing went wrong

3. Because of his (the) illness, Arthur is not in class today.

4. In order to earn some money for my school expenses, I need to get  a part time job.

5. The air is so poluted that we can’t breath it.

Question 6: 

1. Try as hard as I might, I couldn’t open the door.

2. I built this on my own.

3. The reason why she lost the job was that she didn’t work hard enough.

4. Nobody accepts what he does.

5. Of only I could live in Paris for a year.

6. It can’t be denied that She is nice.

7. Noone found his passport anywhere.

8. There is an  eight o’clock train every morning( There is a train leaving at 8 o’clock every morning)

9. No matter how rich he was , he never helped the poor.

10. How much does your suitcase weigh?

4. Đề số 4

Question 1: Fill in the gaps with the correct forms of the verbs:  

be, become, change, come, decide, not do go, have, live, move, stay, stop, tell, wait, not write;

            Dear Linda,

       I’m sorry I ……1… you for so long, but I …2… very busy lately. All last month I …3…exams, and I ..4…anything else but study for ages. Anyway, I …5..studying now, and I …6…for my exam results.

       As you can see from the letter, I …7…. my address and …8… in Croydon now. I …9… that I wanted a change from centred London because it …10…. so expensive. A friend of mine …11.. me about this flat, and I ….12… here about two months ago. When you …13….to London this summer please visit me. I ..14….here until the middle of August then I …15……on holiday to Scotland.

Question 2: use the correct form of these words in brackets

1. ………….is a very serious problem in many countries                                             (employ)

2.She always listens…………to what she is told                                                          (attention)

3.I am afraid you have ………… me because that is not what I meant                         (understand)

4.She had a ………of joy when hearing his steps outside                                            ( feel)

5.Some ………….singers earn a lot of money.                                                              ( profession)

6.Put the ice-cream in the…………….., please.                                                             ( freeze)

7. Do you think that man with a gun is a …………                                                       (rob)

8. He spoke English fluently but with some …………..mistakes                                  ( grammar)

Question 3:   Fill in each numbered blank with a suitable word 

            A doctor ….1….. worked in a village was very annoyed because many people used to

stop him in the  street and asked for his …2….. In this way, he was never …..3…… for his service

 and he never managed to earn much ……..4….. . He made up his ….5… to put an end to this. One ………6…… , he was stopped …….7… a young man who said to him “Oh, doctor, I’ve got severe

 pain in my left side”. The doctor pretended to be interested and ……8.. …..”Shut your eyes and 

open your mouth”. Then he went away, leaving the …..9….. standing in the street with his mouth……..10…… and a large crowd of people laughing at him.


Question 1:

1. haven’t written                                6. am waiting                          11. told

2. have been                                        7. have changed                      12. moved

3. had                                                  8. live                                      13. come

4. haven’t done                                    9. decided                               14. will be staying/ is staying

5. have stopped                                   10.has become/ is becoming   15. will be going/ is going

Question 2:

1. Unemployment                   3. misunderstood                    5. professional             7. robber

2. attentively                           4. feeling                                 6. freezer                     8. grammatical

Question 3:

1. who             2. advice                      3. paid             4. money                     5. mind               

6. day              7. by                            8. said                          9. man             10. open

Question 4:

1. a                  2. a                  3.d                   4. c                  5.c(d)              

6. b                  7. a                  8. a                  9. c                  10. b

Question 5:                


1. in                 2. at                 3. at                 4. in                 5. in                

6 at                  7. x                  8. x                  9. to                 10. at


1. a – the                                                          3. the

2. the – the                                                       4. the – the

Question 6: 

1. There is nothing I would do for you.

2. It was such a funny film that I burst out laughing.

3. I should have thought of that before.

4. The news that her son had died was a great shock to her.

5. “How do you like my new dress, John” she asked John.

6. No longer do women in developed countries bear many children.

7. She asked me if/whether I had done that sorts of work before.

8. Provided (that) you save some money, you’ll able to buy a car.

9. So fierce was the dog that nobody would visit them.

10. Five years has passed since I last saw her.

5. Đề số 5

Question 1: Supply the correct form of verbs in parentheses

1. I sat down at the desk and (wonder) why my father’s letter (not arrive) yet. I(write) to ask him to send me some money at once.

2. All the tickets (sell) out by the time we arrived at the theatre.

3. For the last three years I (spend) everyminute of my life on this problem.

4.This palace (say)(build) in three years.

5.There (be) no guests at all since I left.

6.I (wait) for you at the hotel at midday tomorrow.

7.Hello, Mary. The party last night was great. You should (come)



1. wondered – hadn’t arrived -had written                  5.have been

2. had sold                                                                   6.will/shall be waiting

3. have spent                                                               7. have come.

4. is said – to have been built

Question 2:

1. flight           2. payment                  3. skilful                      4. Unluckily                           

5. sadness        6. unpredictable          7. readable                   8. arrival

Question 3:

1. who’s           2. don’t                        3. not               4. has               5. Haven’t          

7. they             8. which                      9. don’t            10. neither       11.doesn’t                    12. let’s

Question 4:                            


1. His brother is sai to speak French very well.

2. Being short of money, he had to borrow some from a friend.

3. I could hear her playing the piano in the next room.

4. He was sent to prison for having stolen a gold watch.

5. She came home early so as to have plenty of time to cook dinner.


1.It is raining. I’d like to stay here until the rain stops.

2. After I had entered my house, it began to rain.

3. It is difficult to get in touch with the manager of  the company.

4. I am sure he told/ is telling the truth; he has never told a lie in his life.

5. He is bound to say thank you to the nurses.

Question 5:                            


1. C                 2. D                 3. D                 4. D                 5. D


1. so                 2. such a                      3. such             4. such   

Question 6:

1. Please don’t tell him anything about that.

2. Tom must have cleared everything up.

3. Isn’t there any other way to reach the city centre.?

4. Unless you leave an address we won’t be able to contact you.

5. He is said to have died by his own hand.

6. Two extra people came.

7. Elementary education is free in Viet Nam

8. They can’t have been playing in this weather.

9. So stupid is he that he can’t remember his lessons.

10. Noone seems to have predicted the correct result.

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